This Chicago Church Was Redesigned To House A Family Of Five.

Not to sound like a pessimist, but I doubt the vast majority of people get the opportunity to TRULY create their dream house. Not that people aren’t ever very happy with their living situations, but the dream home scenario is what it is because it’s a lofty achievement. Typically, dream houses universally fall into the categorical adjective, “BIG!” Sure, there are definitely¬†those who prefer the practical-sized dream house, but we’re talking about the “pie in the sky”-style dream house. This renovated Chicago church serves as just that for a fortunate family of 5.


The Chicago church home is an anomaly in and of itself. When churches get renovated and repurposed, they’re usually turned into a venue of some sort or made into apartment spaces. Very rarely do you ever hear of a church being converted into a single family home; a small 5 person family home at that. This Chicago church home conversion surely cost a pretty penny for both the property acquisition and the renovations.

When attacking something so big in every way possible, making a living space – that is exponentially larger than the room¬†the occupants take up – not seem empty, is no easy feat. With ceilings and support beams so high from the ground, the only way to “shrink” the room is to strategically hang lighting and decorations to serve as for both aesthetics and utility.

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The Chicago church’s size was obviously kept mostly in tact. Without having seen the original church, It’s probably safe to assume some new walls have been constructed for bathrooms, bedrooms, offices, etc. The stain glass windows were also retained and used to incorporate the structure’s history while adding an element of beauty to the Chicago church home.

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Large functional decorations aren’t a very common in most homes but when you’re living in a renovated Chicago church, your ceiling height might be able to afford something like a climbing wall in a bedroom. They might want to consider pushing the beds up against the climbing wall so there’s something more than hardwood to break any potential falls.

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When dealing with how immense this home really is, the bathrooms are the only rooms that seem to be more normal in size. That being said, the bathrooms are certainly up to par with the look and feel of the rest of the home.

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When all is said and done, besides the size of the family living within it, there’s truly nothing small about this renovated Chicago church home.