What is Elite Management Services Group, Inc.?

Elite Management Services Group, Inc. is a progressive and prominent community management company that offers unique management strategies for common ownership interest groups. It is the dedicated and hard-working team members of Elite Management that will keep your community functioning at its best.

Why choose Elite Management Services Group, Inc.?

Elite Management manages communities of all sizes with the same dedication and cause for success thereby protecting the values of neighborhoods and properties.  Elite has been successful with the number of communities that they maintain in their customer base which is a testament to their management philosophy and rate of retention.  

What sets Elite Management apart from the rest?

Elite has over 60 clients which is an across the board representation of properties located throughout the Western Pennsylvania market with their own unique problems and personalities.  Elite has been very successful in applying their trained and educated managers to manage the individual needs of each community for the benefit of all members present and into the future.

Why Elite Management is Elite!

Elite Management Services Group, Inc.  has been very successful over the time span of their existence. Fair market business dealings and honor of its team members have resulted in a profitable company that has been able to maintain a course of business that has resulted in fair, unparalleled service to all of the clients for many years. Profitable companies just don’t happen, they become profitable by engaging in a selection process of both its team members and its clients so that both are benefited by and through the process. 

How did Elite Management begin?

Jack Ozanich has a military background where dedication and attention to detail is second to none.  Jack served as a rigger in the 82nd Airborne division and was assigned to the 7th Special Forces Group during the Vietnam era.

His varied tasks and military training has caused Jack to bring that mental, untiring work attitude to serve his clients. His children have all played a role in the company and have learned the meaning of hard work and have all gone on to become educated professionals with advanced degrees, certificates and awards as well as entrepreneurs.

Jack considers his greatest accomplishment, the value and responsibility taught to his children and team members.