March 15, 2012


Here at Innovative Management by Bucci we are a progressive and prominent community management company that offers unique management strategies for common ownership interest groups. The dedication from our team will keep your community functioning at its best.


Innovative Management provides service to communities of all sizes with the same dedication and cause for success thereby protecting the values of neighborhoods and properties. With managing over 50 communities, Innovative Management has the tools set in place to be efficient and successful with their customer base which is a testament to their management philosophy and rate of retention.  



Innovative Management by Bucci formerly known as Elite Management Services Group, Inc.  has been very successful over the time span of their existence. Fair market business dealings and honor of its team members have resulted in a profitable company that has been able to maintain a course of business that has resulted in fair, unparalleled service to all of the clients for many years. Profitable companies just don’t happen, they become profitable by engaging in a selection process of both its team members and its clients so that both are benefited by and through the process.