Painting Doesn’t Have To Be A Huge Job To Get Big Results.

All anyone wants to do is find cheaper and simpler ways to do get things done, done right, and done in a way that improves the look of your home. What if painting could be a little easier?

Unless you’re an artist or an art enthusiast who enjoys to give it a go even though you may not have the true artistic touch, there’s not a whole lot to love about painting. Regardless, painting is necessary when you’re looking to clean up your marked up walls or give the rooms of your house a fresh new feel with some new colors.

Typically painting is a big, unpleasant job. It’s especially tedious when you have already been living in your home for a little while and have furniture and decoration on and against your walls. Sometimes engaging in the full on painting job isn’t completely necessary. Color can be subtly added to a space and create a brand new feel with minimal effort. Here’s a handful of clever painting ideas to make big room changes with less stress.

If you’re sold on painting the entire room, you can still cut down on the surface area by putting up mural-looking removable wallpaper, stencils, and even just covering a portion of the way up the walls.

blue-and-white-bedroom-with-white-tree-mural Cool-Map-Bedroom-Wall-Murals-Painting enhanced-buzz-29217-1378998824-1 Simple-Dining-Room-with-Map-Murals-Painting-400x300

A very recent craze has been hitting the scenes; covering a wall with chalkboard paint. No need to cover an entire room with it, but the color of the paint alone gives a strong contrast, plus the room can be redecorated constantly and with ease as long as you have a piece of chalk on hand.


There are a ton of little spots around your home that you’ve probably never considered painting; at least not without covering the entirety of the surrounding area. Sometimes, all it takes in life is the little things to make big change. So do just that.

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Probably the last place anyone thinks to paint is the floor. Floors can be an even bigger job than painting just because of the materials needed and the meticulous attention needed to measurements. If you have laminated or vinyl floors that are scratched, scuffed and beat up looking, you don’t necessarily need to replace it. Painting the floor is a completely viable option.