It’s Life Hack Time! Cleaver Ideas To Clean Up Your Home.

If there was ever a time to try to get the most out of what you have by repurposing items you already have or making a few small, inexpensive purchases, that time would be now. Cutting costs is always a priority, the stock market is down, and the season is about to change which inevitably brings about a few extra expenses you’re not always consciously thinking of.

The art of repurposing items and coming up with clever, useful solutions has been dubbed the “Life Hack.” Life Hacks have no real limit to them except that they need to be a means to a better, useful, more efficient end. Personally, I’m a massive fan of life hacks and love to share the ones I find intriguing or fairly universally useful. Here’s a few we’ve hit on already if you happen to have missed them:

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If you have a couple drawers around your house that mostly just hold junk because you weren’t sure what to do with it, it might be time to life hack it a little bit.

chargingDrawer DogDrawer

The stair drawer life hacks aren’t exactly cheap options, but if you’re building a new house and you’re worried about storage, this is a super clever idea.

stairsDrawers1 stairsDrawers2

Routers and wires can be a real eyesore. It’s the sign of the times. People have more gadgets now than ever. Most of them require a wired power source. Here’s a couple ideas to cover and store your gadget spaghetti.

DeskSheet routerBook1 routerBook2 routerBox1 routerBox2 routerBox3 routerBox4 wireBox

If you look around your place, there are probably some things that are just accepted for being common in households but not the most appealing things to look at or could just generally look better. Time to start life hacking some art and design into your life.

ACunit1 ACunit2 BookShelf1 BookShelf2 fridge1 fridge2 pipeRock1 pipeRock2 tubStone TVpainting1 TVpainting2