DIY Laundry Room Ideas To Save Space and Create Efficiency

For as much functionality and use people get out of laundry rooms, they seem to be the room that ends up with the least amount of planning put into them. Think about it… If you’re moving into a new house or an apartment, you pretty much just seem to find the laundry hookups, say “here’s the laundry room!” and move on with your life. It’s quick dismissal scenarios like zipping past the details of the laundry room that leaves you with a laundry list of issues to deal with later (no pun intended).

A tight and unorganized laundry room is entirely too common of a symptom in everyday residency. How many times have you given someone a tour of your house and very quickly just glossed over the laundry room? How many times have you been given a tour of someone else’s house/apartment/condo and feel brushed along past the laundry room or been told “just ignore how messy everything is”? It’s because they’re typically messy, unorganized and generally unimpressive. Well, even if you do end up in this ever-so-common laundry room scenario, here’s some easy DIY ideas to help bail you out.

Build A Laundry Room Shelving System

mobile-shelves supply-shelf under-shelf wall-shelves

Finding conventional living space in your laundry room is fairly often not an option. Look for all options to multiply floorspace and create surface area with shelving as well as utilize wall area to create storage.

The Wall Is Your Most Useful Tool

change-jar drying-wrack iron-board-hooks lint-basket sock-clip wall-hooks

Have a place for everything to live. There’s no need for junk piles in a room that is meant to store and organize cleaning tools. A lot of odds and ends find their way covering the tops of laundry machine surfaces and cluttering limited cabinet space. Everything in a work area deserves a designated area. Bare wall is your friend. Add a little decoration to your laundry room while giving a home to your supplies and odds and ends.