6 Life Hacks To Save Room In Small Living Spaces

Hacking is a term that people use to talk about breaking through computer security safeguards using unconventional measures. The term has since evolved to accompany a number of other genres of creative solutions. The term “life hack” refers to creative solutions you can use in day to day situations or around your house. Perfect examples would be repurposing everyday items and thinking outside the box with a hanging bed design.

Living in a small area is challenging to design and decorate to maximize free living space with minimal wasted floor and surface area. Here are 7 life hacks to help out with getting the most out of your small living arrangements.

1. Table Illusion


Coffee and end tables are great decorations but they’re mostly wasted space when you consider the little utility they provide. This life hack uses a little artistic application and creative shelving to create the illusion of a beautiful decorative table.

2. Self-contained Kitchen


The kitchen can be a hard place to save space and efficiently organize. This life hack uses an armoire-like setup and turns it into a fold-out kitchen.

3. Put It On Wheels


Studio setups can leave you desiring a little more privacy. Building a false wall is probably your only option but once it’s up, you’re pretty much stuck with it there. If you’re the type that likes to change around your living space, this room on wheels life hack makes life a whole lot easier.

4. Scooby-Doo Your TV Stand


Anyone who’s seen Scooby-Doo cartoons knows that it seems like every house and building had a secret rotating wall. Instead of decorating to a certain corner or wall so that everything faces your TV, a great life hack is decorate everything to face the center of your living area and have a rotating TV stand and storage shelves in the center.

5. Use Your Ceiling Height

This life hack example shows a bed rigged to be pulled up to the ceiling so the floor space can be recycled. Use your imagination, though. If you can lift bed to the ceiling, you can life almost anything.

6. Fold Up Table Set


Floor space is a valuable commodity in small living areas. Using the fold-away table set life hack, your tables and chairs never have to be in your way.